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The people behind ScienceNews

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Focus areas

Therapy Breakthroughs

Biomedical and health science research is currently a key topic. Combining basic and clinical research contributes to developing new drugs and therapies that make people healthier and improves their quality of life.

Focus areas

Green Innovation

Given the increasing global environmental challenges, life science research focuses on the aspects of sustainability that can potentially be translated into biotechnological solutions that benefit people and the environment.

Focus areas

Health and Wellness

The human body harbours many molecular explanations for why some people become overweight. Solving the growing problems of metabolic diseases and diabetes requires more knowledge on the influence of what we eat and our lifestyles.

Focus areas

Tech Science

Breakthroughs in the natural and technical sciences lead to many discoveries that improve people’s lives. Cross-disciplinarity and collaboration between basic researchers and companies especially create advances in health and sustainable biotechnology.

Focus areas


Focus areas

Podcasts especially focuses on biomedical and health science research but also covers research within the life sciences, sustainability, the natural sciences, technology and innovation. The stories are based on current research published in scientific journals but always seeks to showcase possible future applications of the research.

The Foundation’s journalists or external science journalists write the articles. The scientists cited in the articles have approved all quotes in Danish and English.

The articles, podcasts and videos on are licensed under a Creative Commons attribution licence. This means that you may share, copy and use the articles and their content freely as long as you credit Write to us at if you have suggestions for interesting stories. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Our vision is to contribute significantly to research and development that improves the lives of people and the sustainability of society.

Increasing our grant payouts for scientific, humanitarian and social purposes over the coming years will increase our contribution to society. Within the Foundation, we are very aware of the greater responsibility this imposes.

We have a set of principles to ensure the quality and accountability of our grants. We support and respect the freedom and independence of research. Grants are not conditional on preferential access by third parties to the research results. Researchers have full publishing freedom, and the research results based on a Foundation grant belong to the researchers and the public research institutions.

We encourage the dissemination and accessibility of new knowledge and results. Making good ideas and new knowledge accessible to as many people as possible is crucial to benefit society as a whole. Another basic principle we embed in all our grants is that we only support projects of the highest quality. Whether the applicant is well established or a young talent, the key criterion is the quality of the project. We believe that by setting high standards we will achieve results that have the maximum and sustainable impact on society.

We have a thorough selection process in which all applications are assessed by one of the Foundation’s committees or through international peer review before the Foundation decides to award a grant. Thus, we make use of independent experts who have valuable insight in the respective research fields the Foundation supports.

This ensures that the Foundation awards grants to the best projects.

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