Hans Christian Kongsted

Professor of Applied Econometrics

Department of Strategy and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School


Hans Christian Kongsted is a Professor of Applied Econometrics at the Department of Strategy and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School. His research and teaching interests focus on the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the economics of science, drawing on his methodological background within the field of econometrics. His recent work has explored firms’ R&D and innovation activities and their relationship with the skills and experience of their high-skilled employees; how academic research affects society via the mobility of scientists between academia and firms; and the role of high-skilled immigrants in academic entrepreneurship.

With his ample experience in collecting and analyzing data at a large scale, Kongsted has based his recent research on uniquely detailed and comprehensive data on Danish firms and universities and their employees, constructed from a survey of academics in Denmark, administrative registry information, patent records, and publication statistics.

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