Zoltan Szallasi

Group Leader

Translational Cancer Genomics, Danish Cancer Society


DNA repair pathway aberrations emerged as a major therapeutically targetable feature of human cancer. However, it is not trivial how to identify and quantify those in human cancer biopsies. Our group has developed several next-generation sequencing based methods to achieve this, with some of those reaching the clinical application stage. Our methods are essential for the optimal application of PARP inhibitor based therapy.

Cancer immunology has provided major breakthroughs in the treatment of advanced, metastatic cancer. However, we have only limited understanding of the mechanism of action of immunology based therapy and we do not understand why only certain patients respond. In collaboration with Herlev Hospital (Center for Cancer Immune Therapy) we are combining next generation sequencing based approaches with translational oncology research to improve the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy.

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