Thomas Folkmann Hansen

Associate Professor

Disease Systems Biology Program, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research


Thomas Folkmann Hansen is formally trained in biochemistry and molecular biology and has worked with multiple aspects of molecular genomics, from study design, to implementation/recruitment and complex analysis of genome wide studies(SNPs and CNVs), epidemiological genetics(involving national register database), electronic patients journal and clinical database(e.g. questionnaires, 3D imaging data). Thomas Folkmann Hansen has 14 years of research experience in genomics and have a solid statistical knowledge and high lelvel skills in R, LINUX(shell), PLINK, and MySQL. In 2015; Thomas Folkmann Hansen became the research leader of Molecular Genomics group at Danish Headache Center which not consists of two Post Docs., three Ph.D-students. The focus is on complex traits, were we are seeking to identifying new genetics variants with associated with risk of developing psychiatric and neurological disorders, using whole genome and RNA sequencing, and genome-wide association analysis. Thomas Folkmann Hansen is part of the steering committee of the Danish Blood Donor Study.

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