Orion Weiner


Professor, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco, USA


Our lab seeks to define the molecular logic of complex cell behaviors— how cells go from sets of interacting molecules to the emergent properties of living systems. We currently focus on three questions:
1. How do cells control their shape and movement?
2. How lymphocytes detect rare foreign peptides in a sea of self-peptides?
3. How do cells regulate transcriptional activation?

We study a diversity of cell types and behaviors. We believe that this makes it easier to identify the general principles of cellular decision-making. We often pair biosensors to visualize a quantitative dynamic of choice inside living cells with precision tools to control the regulators of these behaviors. This approach reveals the molecular logic of these complex cell decisions. Transformative science often happens at interfaces. So we seek to borrow tools and concepts from other fields to address open questions in cell biology and frequently develop new tools when they are needed to accelerate progress.

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