Joshua Brickman


The Center for Stem Cell Research - DanStem, University of Copenhagen


Josh Brickman has a background in molecular biology and gene regulation. From a PhD focused on transcriptional regulation he trained in developmental biology as a post-doctoral fellow, working in early mouse, and Xenopus, as well as cultivating embryonic stem cells as a model for developmental biology. He began his own lab with research projects bridging early development in multiple models systems with ES cells in a hybrid approach aimed at understanding conserved mechanisms of lineage specification, pluripotency and self-renewal. He currently seeks to understand how transcription factors regulate cell fate choice in ES cells and early embryos. More specifically, Josh Brickman and his group investigate the basis for transcriptional priming and commitment in ES cells and early in the specification of the endoderm lineage. They hope to understand the relevance of these molecular events to cellular decision making, pattern formation, in addition to stem and progenitor cell potency.

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