Janine Erler


Biotech Research & Innovation Centre BRIC, University of Copenhagen


Janine Erler is a Group Leader at BRIC, University of Copenhagen. She graduated as BSc with Honours in Molecular Genetics from the University of Sussex (UK) in 2000 and was awarded a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Manchester (UK) in 2003 for her research on hypoxia-regulated resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy. Between 2004 and 2008, Dr Erler was a postdoctoral training fellow in the laboratory of Prof Amato Giaccia at Stanford University (USA), where she started working on hypoxia-regulated metastasis and identified lysyl oxidase (LOX) as a key mediator. She then started her own independent research group in 2008 at the Institute of Cancer Research in London (UK). Dr Erler moved her lab to BRIC in 2012. She has received numerous awards for her research including the BACR Translational Research Award (2009) and the BACR/AstraZeneca Young Scientist Frank Rose Award (2012).

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