Clarissa Schwab

Associate professor

Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology, Aarhus University


The group of Functional Microbe Technology investigates traits of single microbes, strain consortia, and complex microbial communities that are of relevance both in food products and in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. Food and gut microbes are capable of metabolizing, modifying and producing a diverse array of compounds which can have beneficial or adverse impact. Bacterially produced metabolites can also (chemically) react with food components, the host or with dietary derived compounds modifying their properties.

We are fascinated by the functional diversity of microbes, and by trophic – nutrition related - interactions in different ecosystems. We investigate the mechanisms of microbial functions, and test how microbial activities can be exploited and manipulated.

The overall goal of our research is to increase food sustainability and public health exploiting the functional activity of microbes.

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