Amelia-Elena Rotaru

Assistant professor

Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark


We investigate how to harness microbial metabolisms in order to produce fossil fuel-free renewable resources and control harmful microbial processes. For these purposes, we look at extracellular electron transfer for energy metabolism in various microorganisms.There is a fundamental aspect to all these applied microbiology goals, namely how microorganisms make use of solid surfaces in nature and man-made systems (minerals, metal structures, electrodes, the surface of other microorganisms) in order to gain energy and/or respire.
We are working on:
future biotechnologies and biorefineries for recovery of renewable resources (biogas, renewable energy) into valuable chemicals
impact of conductive minerals in the global biogeochemical cycling of elements
monitoring and prevention of iron corrosion of useful infrastructure like for example oil and gas pipes, storage containers carrying pollutants or radionuclides

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