Rolf Bech Kjeldsen


Drug Delivery and Sensing (IDUN), DTU Healt Tech


In this project, setups for gastrointestinal imaging of microcontainers are being developed. This includes in vitro and ex vivo testing before being able to carry out in situ and in vivo studies in rats or pigs. Among the biomedical techniques used are magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging and x-ray imaging. To ensure a visible image signal from the microcontainers, contrast agents are typically needed. Such contrast agents can be either manually loaded into the core of the microcontainers or they can be incorporated into the microcontainer shell during fabrication.

In general, microcontainers have shown promising results when it comes to oral administration of drugs and vaccines due to for example their mucoadhesive and unidirectional drug release properties. Therefore, it is of great interest to understand their gastrointestinal behavior even better through easy and fast visualization. As an example, visualization can provide information on where the microconta

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