Per Glud Ovesen

Professor, Dr. med.

Department of Clinical Medicine and Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aarhus University


There are no private clinics in this community. All pregnant women (5000 per year) are therefore controlled at this this department: normal pregnant women by the midwifes, and pathological pregnancies by midwifes and doctors in collaboration. Less than 1% deliver at home and the absolute majority of these assisted by a midwife from this clinic.

Perinatal Research Unit:
The Aarhus Birth Cohort includes almost 100.000 pregnancies from this department.
This comprehensive dataset is continually validated by research midwifes.

Maternal fetal medicine
More than 95% of the population accepts double test and nuchal translucency scan at week 12 in addition to anomalyscan in week 19. These scans and indicated scans are registered in the Astraia database.

Research laboratory:
One full time technician ensure the quality.
Biochemical analyses of collagen and other connective tissue components.
Myographs for assessment of smooth muscle contractility.
Biobank in which two technicians obtain blood from a large fraction of the pregnant women, their partners and the umbilical cord of the newborn baby.

Clinical studies
RCT have high priority
The collaboration with the MRI department is well established
All diabetic mothers are registered in a database

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