Omid Rezahosseini

Clinical Assistant

Department of Infectious Diseases at Rigshospitalet.


​The Department of Infectious Diseases provides specialist treatment and research within infectious, tropical and immunologic diseases. Overall aim is to improve health by preventing and treating infectious diseases at the individual and population level.

The overall scientific objectives are to contribute to the global research agenda for infectious diseases in general and with specific focus on HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, viral hepatitis, CNS infections and infections in the host suffering from immune dysfunction.

The clinic has a number of established research groups:
i) Centre for Medical Parasitology (CMP)
2) Danish HIV cohort study (DHK)
3) Cystic Fibrosis Research Centre Copenhagen (CFRCC)
4) The Copenhagen Co-morbidity in HIV infection (COCOMO)
5) CHIP (Centre of Excellence for health, immunity and infections)

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