Jens-Christian Holm

Clinical and Research Associate Professor

The Childrens’ Obesity Clinic, Department of Paediatrics, University Hospital Holbæk, Denmark.


MD Jens-Christian Holm, PhD is a Head Consultant in Paediatrics, Clinical and Research Associate Professor, and Head of The Childrens’ Obesity Clinic, European Centre of Obesity Management and The HOLBAEK study, Department of Paediatrics, University Hospital Holbæk, Denmark.

In 2007, Jens-Christian Holm established The Childrens’ Obesity Clinic, a multidisciplinary childhood obesity chronic-care treatment facility and The Holbaek-model. The Holbaek-model is unique, and offers families a paradigmatic shift in approach by understanding child obesity as a chronic disease with a person-centered, holistic and family based approach. We understand that the fat mass is endocrinologically regulated and offer a unique and successful treatment protocol.

The innovative pedagogy and communication provided by the Holbaek-model provides empathy, self-identification and authenticity. This treatment approach reduce the degree of obesity in approximately 75% of patients enrolled.

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