Radina Tokin


Section for Molecular Plant Biology, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen


The Section for Molecular Plant Biology elucidates the mechanism and regulation of photosynthesis, primary and specialized metabolism, and non-coding RNA.

We apply molecular biology, biochemistry and genetic approaches to elucidate regulatory networks and dynamic molecular interactions between cellular biomolecules. We study crop plants and model organisms such as Arabidopsis, cyanobacteria, unicellular algae, moss and budding yeast.

Our goal is to advance knowledge on metabolism and its interplay with developmental processes to contribute to a basic understanding of plant physiology and fitness that can be translated into future strategies for plant biotechnology and synthetic biology.

We combine many competencies within basic molecular biology to unlock synergies within the section and beyond and gain a broad understanding of photosynthetic organisms. We nurture diversity and complementarity in research topics and approaches, building a dynamic and stimulating research environment

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