Michael Lynge Pedersen

Medical director

Steno Diabetes Center Greenland.


In March 2020 the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Government of Greenland have decided to enter into a long-term collaboration to strengthen the prevention and treatment of diabetes and other selected lifestyle-related diseases in Greenland. Furthermore, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has approved a grant of DKK 382 million to the Government of Greenland to strengthen initiatives throughout Greenland over the next 10 years.

The vision of the initiative is to improve public health and the quality of life of every person in Greenland who has diabetes or other selected lifestyle-related diseases and to contribute to coherent treatment interventions.

The main initiative in the collaboration is establishing Steno Diabetes Center Greenland, which will be a national knowledge, development and outpatient treatment centre. Steno Diabetes Center Greenland will be an integrated part of Greenland’s healthcare system.

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