Lukas Moesgaard

PhD Fellow

Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen


Our current research covers the molecular regulation of cardiovascular and muscular function and growth with strong links to health, performance and anti-doping. Important areas in focus are also communication between skeletal muscle, blood vessels and the blood, as well as individual physiological diversity and sex differences.

The main aim of the section is to provide groundbreaking knowledge in the area of physiological function and health. For this purpose we use a multitude of advanced invasive and non-invasive methods in humans as well as human cells.

The August Krogh Section for Human Physiology conducts research into basal human physiology but also determines how the body is affected by inactivity, acute exercise, exercise training, pharmacological treatments and exposure to varying environmental conditions, such as altitude and heat. A particular focus lies on cardiac, vascular and skeletal muscle tissue.

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