Knud Jørgen Jensen


, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen


His research is at the interface between synthetic chemistry, biology, and biophysics; it includes peptide and carbohydrate chemical biology and nanoscience. His research group merges design and chemical synthesis of complex bio-molecules with biophysical chemistry in a unique and powerful manner:

(1) Self-assembly of peptides, small proteins, and peptide-oligonucleotide conjugates at the nanoscale.
(2) Peptide medicinal chemistry, in particular peptide hormones such as insulin, Glp-1, and PYY3-36.
(3) Enabling several of these projects has been the development of new synthetic methodology and techniques for solid-phase synthesis of peptides.
(4) Chemoselective carbohydrate chemistry and chemical glycobiology.
(5) Organic chemistry on proteins: site-selective chemistry
(6) Collaborations in biophysics and chemical biology

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