Kathrine Agergård Kaspersen


Department of Clinical Immunology, Aarhus University Hospital


Infections and inflammatory diseases are substantial burdens to human health. The research group at the Department of Clinical Immunology, Aarhus University, has a long-standing interest in infectious diseases and their overall goal is to explore the connections between lifelong environmental and social factors and their impact on human health.
Kathrine has conducted numerous studies and completed a PhD shedding light on predictors and health consequences related to infectious diseases. Upon joining BERTHA – the Danish Big Data Centre for Environment and Health, a valuable opportunity arose to investigate the impact of air pollution on infection risk using detailed spatio-temporal air pollution exposure data.
Kathrine is also actively involved in the Danish Blood Donor Study (DBDS), an open cohort and biobank established in 2010, comprising 160,000 Danish blood donors. There are ample opportunities to explore in-depth mechanisms within the DBDS using biobank samples and genetic data.

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