Johan Ulrik Lind

Group Leader and Associate Professor

Department of Health Technology, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby


We develop new functional materials and fabrication methods for engineering the interphase between living and artificial.

Stem cell-based microphysiological systems and organs-on-chips aim to recapitulate the structure and function of native human tissue within an artificial microsystem, to create new opportunities for drug screening, personalized medicine and disease modelling in vitro. Next generation systems aspire to interphase the tissue models with sensory and bioactive materials. Focusing on cardiac and skeletal muscle tissues, we are integrating flexible electronic materials into living tissue models, for providing continuous and scalable data acquisition and stimulation.

Additive manufacturing has opened new opportunities not only for rapidly creating 3-dimensional parts, but also for integrating multiple materials into complex assemblies. Bioprinting research aspires to assemble cells and biomaterials into fully functional living tissues for in vivo and in vitro purposes. F

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