Jakob Hjort Bønløkke

Chief Physician and Clinical Associate Professor

Aalborg University Hospital and Aalborg University


The scientific research at Aalborg University Hospital is increasing rapidly. Over the past few years, we have more than doubled the number of scientific papers.

We have invested heavily in research and the investments have paid off. Over the last few years, the hospital has gone from being a regional research center to becoming a central actor. Today we have an active and stimulating research environment with key resource persons and modern facilities, in order to attract highly qualified scientists from Denmark and abroad.

However, the progression does not stop here. In a time where research activities within many public health science institutions is stagnant or even declining, the increase in the research activities at Aalborg University Hospital has only just begun. We have the ambition to be key players internationally, and have our eyes turned towards the European Union. EU funds and EU cooperation are already supplying Aalborg University Hospital with important resources.

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