Anders Prior


Research Unit for General Practice and Department of Public Health, Aarhus University


During the course of a year, approximately 90% of the Danish population are in contact with their general practitioner. Thus, general medicine is central to the support and coordination of coherent treatment and patient pathways.

For more than 20 years, general medicine has been a central field of research both nationally and internationally. We have focused on public health diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as mental health and minor psychiatric disorders. In addition to scientific publications, we have contributed to a number of guidelines for general practitioners and reports made for, among others, the Council of Health and Disease Prevention and the Danish Health Authority.

Most of our researchers also have clinical experience, and cooperation with and relevance to practice is a fundamental value. Internationally, we cooperate in particular with universities in Cambridge, Leicester, Oslo as well as UC London, UCLA, and Utrecht University.

Our research concerns questions such as:

Can general health examinations and doctor-patient conversations increase quality of life, reduce the risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases and increase longevity?
How can general practice support motivation for each individual to live more healthily and receive optimal care?
How can diagnostics and the treatment of mental disorders be optimised in general practice?

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