Tuomas Lilius


University of Helsinki and University of Copenhagen


I am M.D., Ph.D., docent of pharmacology and specialist of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics with roots in University of Helsinki. In addition to the university researcher and PI role at the University of Helsinki, I serve as head physician of the Finnish Poison Information Center and as visiting associate professor at University of Copenhagen.

Early during my medical studies I developed interest in neuropharmacology as a dynamic area of medical science. In my PhD work at Department of Pharmacology, I characterised novel pharmacological strategies for enhancing opioid analgesia under the supervision of professor Eija Kalso and docent Pekka Rauhala. After the PhD defence in 2014 and a short period of clinical work, I undertook a short postdoctoral period under the supervision of prof. Janne Backman and prof. Klaus Olkkola at Department of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Helsinki.

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