Kim Bak Jensen


Biotech Research & Innovation Centre BRIC, Københavns Universitet


Kim received his PhD in molecular biology from the University of Aarhus, where he became interested in adult stem cells and tissue homeostasis. To pursue this interest, he joined Prof Fiona Watt at CRUK for his postdoctoral training. In 2010, he became a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Kim has subsequently moved to the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, where he is now a full professor and the deputy director for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine. The research in Kim’s group focuses on the role of adult stem cells in tissue homeostasis with special emphasis on the intestinal epithelium.

Primary fields of research
- Stem cells and their role in tissue homeostasis
- Tissue development and stem cell specification
- The role of adult stem cells in disease
- Stem cells and cancer

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