Claus Ernst Moser

Chief physician and Professor in Bacteriology

Rigshospitalet and Costerton Biofilm Center, University of Copenhagen


The Costerton Biofilm Center is a unique and world wide recognized interdisciplinary research center established to explore the field of chronic biofilm infections caused by bacteria. Situated at Department for Immunology and Microbiology, University of Copenhagen.

While biofilms are everywhere and affect each and every facet of our lives, our understanding of how they are organized and how they function is still in its infancy. With the CBC, we wish to develop a comprehensive understanding that will allow us to understand interactions between bacteria and the human host, in healthy and diseased individuals and chemically control biofilms (as part of our novel antibiofilm drug discovery). This is done by means of cutting-edge technologies of contemporary life-science.

By integrating translational and clinically relevant research, the Center takes lead in improved prevention and development of new treatments of diseases caused by biofilms.

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