Birger Lindberg Møller


Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen


We carry out basic research across the spectrum of plant biochemistry – from the single molecule level to the field – and translate the findings into biotechnology-based solutions.

Our focus is on bioactive phytochemicals such as terpenoids, cyanogenic glucosides, and alkaloids; key players in plant biotic and abiotic interactions. The biosynthesis, turnover, and regulation of phytochemicals are elucidated in the context of enzymology, molecular genetics, ecology, and evolution. We work with crop plants, trees, and model organisms, employing key technologies such as metabolite profiling, chemical structure elucidation and synthesis, bio-imaging, mass spectrometry imaging, transcriptomics and genome-wide analyses. We also strive to understand the biological mechanisms that underpin organ formation and developmental transitions. Through metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, we apply the knowledge gained to the biotechnological production of high value compounds.

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